Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Angry bird

I have so much I'd love to share with you about stamping and life but no time! I've been busy getting ready for stamp camp, family activities(awana car races were last week!) and getting ready to go away next week. Eek! Just remembered I'm supposed to make 26 swap cards for the stampin up disney trip.
Anyway just wanted to share some pics. This was a bookmark I did for a kids birthday party craft. Thought I'd finally get on the angry bird bandwagon. This might be one of the make n takes at the next technique class on may 7 because I think it's time to focus on some punch art!  The bookmark part is the two tags die for the big shot. 

And here are some shots from the awana car races.  I think I might have blogged about this last year

Well, this year we were more  prepared.  Kevin actually helped the kids paint the cars and Ethan researched car designs on the internet.  I made the kids nap beforehand to prevent any major meltdowns on the late evening.  I still haven't succumbed to the intensity of bringing wd 40 to the races, nor have I gotten to the point of disputing with the judges about the track set up.  However, I admit, I did make sure that the cars were centered on the track and when no one was looking, I had Ethan go and grease up Nathaniels wheels after Nathaniel came in dead last in the first heat.
Here's some of the cars:

This is the 4-7 age range.  Nathaniels is the fire truck in the bottom right corner.  The car above my son's which was clearly painted by the child was what Nathaniels looked like last year but after we saw the level of competition last year, we felt we had to take it up a notch since this was our second year and we knew what was ahead of us.  Ha ha.

Hilariously, Nathaniel won second place.  Since there was a tie for finalists, Nathaniel got to race extra times at the end of the evening and also got a trophy. 

Okay, I have a lot more to share but I think I probably will not get a chance to share more until after stamp camp or when I'm in Disney. I promise I will try my very best to share samples and updates when I am there if technology does not fail me.

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  1. I can confirm that the car you mentioned was actually painted by the child... Lydia (age 4) in fact :) Can't say I'm into car racing, so they were on their own (obviously)... oh well, she enjoyed painting it for over an hour.