Thursday, July 14, 2011

Momento Mall

I took so many pictures yesterday I couldn't upload them all at once. This morning I thought I would share my photos from Momento Mall. For those of you who don't know, Momento Mall is a special place that is set up by Stampin' Up! within the convention center where you can shop for exclusive Stampin' Up! logo type things or supply items. There has been a whole experience that has risen up with Momento Mall. People can not wait to see what cute, beautiful items will be on sale and people want to be one of the first into the "mall" to buy everything. Although our experienced roommate from Kansas City informed us that it really was not necessary to line up for hours to get in since later in the day the line woul be gone and we could just walk in, the fear and the rumours about things getting sold out was still in our minds. Since myself, Esther and Erin were first time convention attendees we didn't want to miss out. Also, I had to hustle myself to the VIP tour I talked about yesterday and was worried I wouldn't have time later so our compliant and friendly roomate came along with us to line up and shop. Here I am in line. I'm still smiling even though we'd been in line for about an hour.

To give you a flavour of the experience, once you get into the quardrened (sp?) off area that is the momento mall, the room is filled with merchandise but of course it is not just thrown around it ugly bins. It is all displayed and decorated Stampin' Up! style. The beauty of it all just makes you want to shop! (which is probably the point...) Here's a couple of displays in the room. I know these pictures don't do it justice but it just gives you an idea.

These are beautiful pear pizzazz umbrellas with the stampin' up logo and I think there is an image of a stamp set but I can't remember which one. Of course I picked up one of those. I also bought a sweater, the cutest little pens, playing cards with the pocketful of posies dsp images...

Here is a lovely flower pot display with paper flowers (the theme of the convention is GROW) next to a wheelbarrow full of ribbon keychains.

I have so much more to share but I have to stop now. My downline Esther got up at 4:45am to get in line at the convention centre for the main welcome session. I felt no need to join her but have been awake anyway enjoying some quiet moments before the mayhem of the first day of convention begins. It's 6:20 and I should probably think about putting on some make up and joining her in line.

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