Friday, July 15, 2011

make n take muddles

Another full day here in Salt Lake City. The day was full of classes and another general session. At the general session I had the fun of walking across the stage again for some milestone awards (which is why I was told when I registered online that I was receiving an award). Here's a small picture of me. Maybe if you squint you can see me. (I'm wearing the blue shirt).

Here's the award I received: 3 new stamp sets Yeah!

(Thank you again to my Team S.T.I.C girls and my stampin' friends who make my "job" as a demonstrator so rewarding!)

Today was also the day for the make and take session. It's a 2 hour session with several make n take projects. I worked as hard as I could and this is all I got done in 2 hours:

One 3X3 card and covering the lid of a box with the timeless portrait fabric. Sad. I know. I was so bummed that I didn't get anything else done. It wasn't just me. Someone else I met said all she managed to do was put the fabric on her lid and then do the very ornate paper flower that goes on top. I feel like such a novice crafter! The make n takes here are intense.

I had signed up for an optional class called "Every last Detail" It was supposed to highlight the finishing touches kind of techniques that make a project from ordinary to "wow!".
Truly the class did focus on the little details. We were supposed to make 6 elements to put into a frame. We managed to get two done. Here's a picture of one of the ones I didn't get done to give you an idea of how cute the projects were. The new in colours are fabulous! I am loving the pool party, lucky limeade and calypso coral combo!

Hmmm, so much more to share but really, it's just too much to put on a blog. Every day is so jam packed! A couple of the girls in my room are now off to go see the Harry Potter Movie. I think sleeping is in order for me!

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