Tuesday, March 29, 2011

MoJo monday winner

Here's some pictures I received from Pei Pei since she played my Mojo Monday contest that I posted on March 18th. Pei Pei is always so great about sending me pictures to inspire me but for some reason I always have problems with her pictures getting posted the wrong direction and I don't know how to correct it so then I end up deleting the post because it looks so strange posting sideways cards. (As you all know, I am severely technologically challenged). I am so sorry the picture is sideways but I LOVE it so much that I am leaving it here for all of you to enjoy(albeit sideways). Notice she used the cracked glass technique and the butterflies are so beautiful. I'm guessing the base is elegant eggplant?.
Thanks Pei Pei for playing. You will get the sale-a-bration ice cream parlour buttons to enjoy on your future projects.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Gen, it was a lot of fun trying the sketch. Thanks for running the contest! You're spot on, the base color is Elegant Eggplant. ^_^

    I'll send you a new picture. I don't know why Gmail attached it sideways...