Friday, February 18, 2011

Energy Conservation

Not the kind of energy for electricity. My physical energy was the topic of the day today. I started out well so I thought it would be a good day but I think there was still motrin left in my system. Once the older kids were at school I started feeling gross again. I resigned myself to just sitting in one spot and stamping and trying to keep child #3 occupied. I really wanted to participate in our team card swap and here is the card I think I've decided to make. It uses the clearly for you stamp set and the sentiment is from friends 24-7. The ink colours are cherry cobbler and crumb cake. I don't know if you can see but I've sprayed it with my shimmer paint/rubbing alcohol mixture to give it a subtle shine.

Normally when I have only one child with me, I'm out running errands, going shopping etc. Today we just sat at home. I realized that we have very funny conversations. Here's a sample (just to give you a feel of my day today)

setting: mom and Nathaniel sitting at table crafting

mom: "I love you"

child: "medium"

mom: "medium? What does that mean?"

child: "I love you medium"

mom: "oh. Well, I love you lots"

child: "I just love you medium"

setting: oldest child is home for lunch and sees the pathetic state of his ill mother. Before going back to school he says to his little brother:

Ethan: "do not be bad for mommy. be good for mommy. she's sick"

Nathaniel: "I will"

Ethan: "if you are not good for mommy, I won't play beyblades with you when I get home from school"

Nathaniel: (exasperated) "I will be good"

Ethan: "don't bother mommy, be good for her and let her sleep"

Nathaniel: (more exasperated) "I'm always good!"

I managed to sneak in a short nap and when I woke up this is what I saw:
My very good child #3 fell asleep on the landing on the stairs! I did briefly worry that perhaps he feel down the stairs and was unconcious with a concussion but since he looked so comfortable and had his favourite blankie, I figured he probably just fell asleep. Boy, was he grumpy when he was woken up by his siblings coming home from school.
Anyway, that's my day today.


  1. LOL Too funny about falling asleep on the floor! TFS! Thanks for last night, it was a great meeting!

  2. Are you kidding me? That picture of Nathaniel on the floor is priceless! And what a good job you did with Ethan. I love the card by the way. What a great post.

  3. What a sweet sweet post and a beautiful card too!